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Hokkaido September Sale Preview

11 September, 2023
The yearly Hokkaido September Sale is the third of four yearling sales offered i ...


Hokkaido Summer Sale Preview

18 August, 2023
The 2023 renewal of the Hokkaido Summer Sale is scheduled to start on the 21st o ...


Hokkaido Selection Sale Review

18 August, 2023
The 2023 renewal of the Hokkaido Selection Sale was a massive success, with the ...

Japanese Racing

July JRA Graded Stakes Review

18 August, 2023
In the 1800m G3 Radio Nikkei Sho at Fukushima Racecourse on July 2nd, the third ...

Next Sale

Hokkaido Autumn Sale(Yearling)

16-Oct-2023(Mon) - 17-Oct-2023(Tue)

Northern Farm Mixed Sale(foal)



Hokkaido September Sale(Yearling)

19 September, 2023 - 21 September, 2023

Hokkaido Summer Sale(Yearling)

21 August, 2023 - 25 August, 2023

Hokkaido Selection Sale(Yearling)

25 July, 2023 - 26 July, 2023

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