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Sales Information

About JBIS Search (English)

JBIS Search (English), an online information service operated by the Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association (JBBA), is the largest racing database in Japan. The service offers various information on Japanese horses free of charge, including the following:

(1) Horse Information

Pedigree, race record, sire record, broodmare record, etc.

(2) Sales Information

Sales catalog, sales record, etc.

(3) Rankings

Various leading sires and broodmare sires lists

(4) Race Results

Principal race results from the JRA and NAR

List of Sales and Locations

SaleType of SaleAreaVenueAccess
Hokkaido Selection SaleYearlingsHokkaidoShizunaiHokkaido Sales Complex1 hr 30 min from Chitose Airport
Hokkaido Summer SaleYearlings
Hokkaido September SaleYearlings
Hokkaido Autumn SaleYearlings
Hokkaido Training Sale2-Year-OldsSapporoJRA Sapporo Racecourse1 hr from Chitose Airport
JRHA Select SaleYearlings
ChitoseNorthern Horse Park15 min from Chitose Airport
Hachinohe SaleYearlingsAomori PrefectureHachinoheHachinohe Sales Complex1 hr from Misawa Airport
Chiba Thoroughbred Sale2-Year-OldsChiba PrefectureFunabashiFunabashi Racecourse50 min from Narita Airport
Kyushu SaleYearlingsKagoshima PrefectureOsakiJBBA Kyushu Stallion Station1 hr from Kagoshima Airport

Information on Sale Horses

At the sales in Japan, a wide range of information is made available on sale horses, and inspections can be done very efficiently. We hope this will help you find the horse you are looking for.

(1) Available Information

(a) Repository

On-site repository at the sales

Online repository available

(b) Anabolic Steroid Testing

All horses offered at the Hokkaido Training Sale (2-Year-Olds) have been tested for anabolic steroids with negative results.

(c) Horse Measurements

Height, heart girth and cannon circumference are announced, plus weight (for the Hokkaido Training Sale)

(d) Reserve Price (Starting Price)

If no bids are actively placed on a horse, this is the price at which bidding will start. This price will be announced for all Hokkaido Sale auctions except for the Hokkaido Selections Sale.

(e) Vices, history of surgery

(2) Inspection of Sale Horses

(a) Group Exhibit

For yearling sales, horses are exhibited in groups by lot number, allowing buyers to check horses in a very efficient way. As all consigned horses will be displayed, buyers can have the chance to see everything on offer, and something special just might catch your eye.

Group Exhibit

(b) Individual Inspections

Horses can be inspected individually at the stables.

Individual Inspections

(3) English Sales Catalogs

Catalog information in English can be obtained from the following sources:

JBIS Search website
Sale Holder's website:
    Hokkaido Sales
    Select Sale
equineline Sales Catalog App

The Re-sale System

The unique "re-sale" system in Japan gives buyers a chance to purchase horses that have gone through the ring once and were unsold.

Buyers wishing to purchase an unsold horse using this system should request a re-ale to the seller of the horse. To do so, the buyer must first reach an agreement with the seller on the starting bidding price of the re-sale. Once an agreement has been reached, the re-sale request should be promptly submitted to the Sale Holder. Any unsold horse can be offered for re-sale, as long as it is in the same sale on the same day.

As re-sale horses will be offered during the regular course of the sale, buyers are asked to take note of announcements from the Sale Holder regarding the timing of the re-sales to avoid missing the chance to make their intended re-sale purchase. Any and all registered buyers are allowed to join the bidding on a re-sale horse, the same as with any horse being offered in the sale.

Consumption Tax Refund

In Japan, a 10% consumption tax is applicable on sales and service fees, including purchase of horses at sales. However, there is a way to apply for a refund of the consumption tax if an overseas buyer purchases the horse at a sale to be exported out of Japan. This refund is also applicable to consumption tax paid on boarding fees and export costs of the horse to be exported. The following is a brief explanation of the consumption tax refund procedure:

  1. The buyer needs to submit to the Japanese tax authorities a "Notification of Taxable Operation Form" and "Notification of Tax Agent Form" by the end of the year the buyer first purchases horses in Japan. The Tax Agent declared in the "Notification of Tax Agent Form" will thereafter represent the buyer on tax-related matters in Japan.
  2. It is crucially important that the name of the buyer appearing on the above-mentioned forms should coincide with the name of the buyer of the horse at the sale as announced by the Sale Holder.
  3. Each year, the tax agent will need to submit the necessary tax exemption application form along with records of the buyer's expenditures for the past year to the tax authorities roughly within the two month period following the end of said year. (Such records will include invoices and purchase agreements for horses purchased, invoices for boarding fees and export costs and records of payment received for these costs.)
  4. It will take several months for the application to be reviewed and approved by the tax authorities. Once the refund has been approved, the tax authorities will send the refund amount to the designated account of the tax agent. The buyer will receive the refund not directly, but through the tax agent.

Please be aware that there is a possibility these conditions may change if for some reason the buyer is unable to or chooses not to export the horse out of Japan.

Support for Overseas Buyers and Merits of Owning a Japanese-bred

Overseas buyers visiting Japan to purchase Japanese-bred horses at the sales can receive support such as accommodation, meals, transportation and interpreting assistance during the period of the sale. We can also help with information you may need after making your purchase, such as boarding, export and consumption tax refund.

Additionally, an exciting advantage of owning a Japanese-bred is our Incentive Bonus Scheme. Under this scheme, owners and trainers of Japanese-bred horses purchased at a sale in Japan that win a race abroad may be eligible to receive a lucrative Incentive Bonus.

Please contact us for further details.