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Hokkaido Autumn Sale Review

29 November, 2021

The 2021 Japanese yearling sale season ended strongly with the Hokkaido Autumn Sale on October 18th and 19th at the Hokkaido Sales Pavilion in Shizunai, Hokkaido. A total of 348 yearlings were sold from 457 yearlings offered for a clearance rate of 76.1%. The gross of ¥1,268,960,000(US$11,536,000) was a 0.7% increase from 2020 and the average ¥3,646,436(US$33,149) was a 5.6% increase from 2020. The overall market remained strong and steady.

In a rare turn, it was a foreign stallion who had the sale topper this year. Hip 372, a colt by Good Samaritan(USA), topped the sale going for ¥25,300,000(US$230,000) to Masakazu Fujiwara. The colt was the only representative of the US-based Good Samaritan(USA) at the sale. The second highest yearling was Hip 398, a colt by Duramente(JPN) that Shigeru Morinaka bought for ¥23,100,000(US$210,000).

Despite having a small number of lots in the sale, Silver State(JPN) still reigned supreme by gross as a sire willing all four of his lots for ¥38,610,000(US$351,000) with an average price of ¥9,652,500(US$87,750). He had the highest-priced filly of the sale, Hip 199, which Yoshio Matsumoto bought for ¥14,300,000(US$130,000). Lovely Day(JPN) was also a popular sire at the sale selling 10 of 11 lots offered to gross ¥38,390,000(US$349,000) with an average of ¥3,839,000(US$34,900). Daiwa Major(JPN), one of Japan's successful elder stallions, had only three lots in the sale and sold two of them. He grossed ¥30,800,000(US$280,000) and averaged ¥15,400,000(US$140,000). Real Steel(JPN) will debut next year, but his offspring were also quite popular at the sale, selling five of his six yearlings. He grossed ¥29,590,000(US$269,000) and averaged ¥5,918,000(US$53,800). Hokko Tarumae(JPN) has been slighting up the NAR circuit, and all five of his lots sold at the sale, grossing ¥29,260,000(US$266,000) and averaged ¥5,852,000(US$53,200).

Discreet Cat(USA) had ten lots in the sale, and eight were purchased for a gross of ¥28,490,000(US$259,000) and averaged ¥3,561,250(US$32,375). Sinister Minister(USA) is always one of the most popular stallions in the Hokkaido Sales each year, and this year was no different. He only had two yearlings in the sale, but both sold well, grossing ¥28,050,000(US$255,000) and averaged ¥14,025,000(US$127,500). Danon Legend(JPN) has been impressing on the track in both circuits and sold six of his seven lots. He grossed ¥27,830,000(US$253,000) and averaged ¥4,638,333(US$42,166). Talismanic(GB) sold six of nine lots offered, grossing ¥26,400,000(US$240,000) and averaging ¥4,400,000(US$40,000). American Patriot(USA)'s first crop has had a promising debut so far, and at the sale, he sold six of seven yearlings offered. He grossed ¥26,180,000(US$238,000) and averaged ¥4,363,333(US$39,666).

The Japanese 2022 sales season will be back in May with the Hokkaido Training Sale.

Hip 372, a Good Samaritan(USA) colt out of Beverage Queen(USA) sold for ¥25,300,000

US$1 = JPY 110

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