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Hokkaido September Sale Review

05 October, 2021

The 2021 Hokkaido September Sale closed strongly with a 72.4% clearance rate, with 346 of the 478 lots offered. The two day sale grossed ¥1,690,150,000(US$15,365,000) with an average of ¥4,884,826(US$44,407) and a median of ¥3,575,000(US$32,500). All figures showed that the market was still going strong as the sale season transitions into the year's final stages.

While this year's sale showed overall declines when compared to the 2020 sale renewal, the 2021 sale was shorted to a two-day sale this year, making its figures more easily compared to 2019 when the sale was also two days versus the three days held in 2020. Compared to the similar two-day structure of 2019, the gross saw an increase of 5.8%, while the average and the median saw 11% and 3.4% increases, respectively.

The sale topper was Hip 339, a Silver State(JPN) colt bought by Ryotokuji Holdings for ¥34,100,000(US$310,000). The second-highest price was also by Silver State(JPN), this time a filly sold to Kozo Ninomiya for ¥26,400,000(US$240,000).

Silver State(JPN) was the highest-grossing stallion of the sale despite only nine lots going through the ring. He grossed ¥134,310,000(US$1,221,000) with an average of ¥14,923,333(US$135,666). The stallion's success overall surfaces and in both racing jurisdictions have made him a hot commodity all over Japan. The second highest-grossing sire was champion dirt runner Hokko Tarumae(JPN), who sold all 11 of his yearlings for a total gross of ¥94,270,000(US$857,000) and an average of ¥8,570,000(US$77,909). Multiple JPN1 winner Best Warrior(USA) had the most lots of any stallion in the sale and sold 19 of the 22 put through the ring. He grossed ¥79,640,000(US$724,000) and averaged ¥4,191,578(US$38,105). The imported sire of Best Warrior(USA) was next on the list; Majestic Warrior(USA) sold seven of his nine offerings grossing ¥58,960,000(US$536,000) and averaging ¥8,422,857(US$76,571). Champion dirt runner Espoir City(JPN) rounded out the top five, which consisted of most dirt stallions with a gross of ¥44,770,000(US$407,000) and an average of ¥4,974,444(US$45,222) for his nine sold.

Hip 339, a Silver State(JPN) colt out of Amalfitana(JPN) sold for ¥34,100,000

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