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2020 Hokkaido Summer Sale Review

18 September, 2020

In a unique year, where the Selection Sale, which is usually held in July, got moved to the day before the Summer Sale due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it ended up seeing significant gains, especially in the first two days of the four day sale held from August 25th through the 28th.

With a clearance rate of 77.0%, up from 71.8% last year, the sale overall saw a healthy gain across the board. It set a new gross record of ¥5,721,870,000(US$53,979,905), a 15.9% increase from 2019. The average rose 20.7% to ¥6,935,600(US$65,430), and while the median saw a 21.2% increase to ¥5,500,000(US$51,886), both were records for this sale. The financial gains were all the more impressive due to the fact the sale had a little more than 100 less horses than previous years.

After a record-breaking Selection Sale, it seems many buyers were hungry for more or were still looking to fill their orders after being out bid. This likely made the first two days of the Summer Sale incredibly competitive as many buyers who might have left early on stuck around.

The sale topper came on day two of the sale when Big Red Farm claimed Hip 828, a Heart's Cry(JPN) colt out of Nanayo Tiara(JPN) for ¥52,800,000(US$498,113). The highest-priced filly of the sale was also sold on day two, Hip 1180, by Epiphaneia(JPN) out of Pebble Garden(JPN) bought by Okada Stud for ¥26,400,000(US$249,056). 160 different lots sold for over ¥10,000,000(US$94,339) and 20 sold for over ¥20,000,000(US$188,679)

Young stallions performed exceedingly well in the Summer Sale this year with 32 lots by Asia Express(USA) grossing ¥212,190,000(US$2,001,792) with an average of ¥6,630,937(US$62,556). Copano Rickey(JPN), represented by his first crop here, sold 30 lots that grossed ¥185,570,000(US$1,750,660) and averaged ¥6,185,666(US$58,355). The first crop of Satono Aladdin(JPN) also made waves grossing ¥171,380,000(US$1,616,792) from 19 sold with an average of ¥9,020,000(US$85,094). Duramente(JPN) and Epiphaneia(JPN) both with well-performing crops on the track already sold 12 and 11 lots respectively and grossed ¥163,790,000(US$ 1,545,188) and ¥163,350,000(US$ 1,541,037). Their averages were some of the strongest of the sale considering the multiple lots they had available, Duramente(JPN) averaged ¥13,649,166(US$128,765) while G1 producer Epiphaneia(JPN) averaged ¥14,850,000(US$140,094). The king of the sale, however, was Sinister Minister(USA), while anything but a young sire, the 17-year-old sold 27 lots grossing ¥281,160,000(US$2,652,452) and averaged a very strong ¥10,413,333(US$98,238). Year after year, he has proven to be a reliable stallion producing fabulous looking yearlings and a solid stream of dirt winners.

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to impact the internal workings of the Japanese thoroughbred industry to any severe extent, though every precaution possible was taken to conduct the sale safely for all those in attendance. The Hokkaido Sale Season will continue on September 22nd with the three day Hokkaido September Sale in Shizunai, Hokkaido.


Sale Topper 828 (Heart's Cry(JPN) x Nanayo Tiara(JPN)) sold for ¥52,800,000

US$1 = ¥106.00
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